The Public Health Council (PHC) 

In this time of critical public health challenges, including COVID-19 pandemic the CSDG is working to ensure that the needs of public health are met.

The SCC include a group of specialties and consultant in the field of public health attempting to promote health and wellbeing in a healthy society.


A leading scientific council in achieving professional excellence in public health   in the Republic of Sudan.


 To improve the health and well-being of the population in the Republic of Sudan. through best evidence, innovation, partnership and leadership in Public Health.

Strategic Goals

Goal 1:

Strengthen membership that represents various aspects of public health.

Goal 2:

Enhance communication network and partnerships with public health professionals, researchers, academic professionals, other professionals, and the community-based initiatives

Goal 3

 Improve educational activities   for public health professionals to gain new knowledge and skills.

Goal 4:

              Engagement of the council members in increased public awareness and policy issues