CSDG 2021 Activities Summary

COVID19 Prevention and Intervention Activities

Committee of Sudanese Physicians in the Gulf has established an specialized committee led by an expert and leader physicians who set a progam and started actions such as doing multiple awareness meetings through onlline videosm teaching webinars for specialists and public, sponsoring isolation department needs in different sectors in Sudan, and publishing a uniquie booklet.

These activities has found a great interaction and acceptance among health care workeers in Sudan, strengthen the collaporation between the physicians abroad and inside the country.

Health Insurance for Sudanese Gulf Physicians and their Families

During the announcement of the health insurance, a strong analysis was done the previous year weak points, that was considered to be applied for the new year contract, which was again signed with Almutkhassisa Insurance Company, more than 600 families were recruited to join the program, this has met the primary aims to facilitate a comfortable and a unique health care for the physician family in Sudan.

Democratic Change Support In Sudan

Hundreds of physicians working in the gulf translated a strong refusal for the military actions done by general Burhan to terminate the democratic pathway. CSDG worked with reconstituted group called Awged to support the revolutionary protesters in Sudan through publishment of a sppoting letters and some financial aids.

CSDG Website Launch

CSDGULF.COM has been life at 2021, it will have many activities of the membrs and allow every member to have his own profile page, allowing members to equally reach the available services and apply for the proposed benifits

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